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Experienced, Independent Leadership.

District 112 is a great school district but faces serious challenges. Financial pressures have chipped away at the resources devoted to education for at least a decade. We are not keeping pace with our peer communities and we cannot allow that to continue.

Education must be the paramount priority. It is time to resolve the reconfiguration issue so that the District can refocus all of its resources – both financial resources and the time and energies of its teachers and administrators – on delivering the best possible education to every student.

As a member of the school board, I would support and work with the community-based Reconfiguration 2.0 Committee to develop a consensus solution to the reconfiguration issue. I have an open mind and no preconditions on what that solution should be. In addition, I will work to implement improvements in communication and rebuild trust with the community.

As a lifelong Highland Park resident, I attended District 112 schools. I received an outstanding education and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities it has created in my life.

I returned to raise three children and was a District 112 parent for 16 years. Five years ago, I volunteered for a District 112 advisory committee (SCFFAC) because I was concerned about the cost-cutting I saw first-hand as a parent and how it was impacting the quality of education.

I have extensive experience serving on non-profit boards and advising boards as an attorney. I understand the role of a well-functioning board. As a member of the school board, I will keep an open mind, listen, collaborate, and work hard to build consensus among all of the District’s stakeholders.

I have no personal agenda and I am not beholden to any special interests. I am not seeking to protect the interests of any one part of the community as against any others. My goal simply is to help get District 112 back on course to deliver consistent and sustained excellence in education for every child in our community.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Elect Bennett Lasko to District 112 School Board


I am so delighted that Bennett Lasko has decided to run for North Shore School District 112. His thoughtfulness and insight are critical to meeting the challenges ahead.

Tony Blumberg
Tony Blumberg

Proud to support Bennett Lasko For District 112 School Board.  We will truly benefit from his professional and community experience, his confident approach to complex issues, and above all, his overwhelming desire to work on behalf of our entire community.  Join me in supporting Bennett Lasko on Election Day - April 4.

Nancy Rotering
Nancy Rotering

I know Bennett to be fair, open-minded and professional. I think his background knowledge of the issues facing our children across the district will help move the School Board forward in an expeditious manner to solve these problems.

Annie Mullin
Annie Mullin